what is the 4ps project

The 4P’s Project is a radio course designed to help young people build confidence and communication using radio as a form of therapy. The method is tried and tested and works on people of all abilities. The idea is to build confidence and improve communication skills using the main four ingredients of radio. These are:



The success we have had is phenomenal! Whether it’s somebody with low self-esteem or communication problems or somebody with learning difficulties and speech problems, a whole wide range of people have benefited from the program, many have even gone on to become presenters with Vectis Radio.

The 4P’s Project was set up in 2013, and piloted using three teenage girls from Christ the King College. The 4P’s Project was asked by the Isle of Wight Council to provide services until August 2016 for young people aged 11 to 19 years, and up to 25 with additional needs. The project has so far helped in excess of 60 youngsters improve their confidence levels and communication skills.

Take a look for yourselves by visiting the student pages at www.4ps.org.uk

The course is also available for young people who have an interest in media (specifically radio) to improve their chances of a job in the industry or to find out whether or not they would like to pursue it as a career.
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